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Hi, my name is Arturo Grande

What is my purpose?

"When we dedicate ourselves to a job
that takes advantage of our talent and feeds
our passion , that comes from a great need in the world to which our conscience push us to respond there is our voice, our vocation,
the key of our soul”.
The 8th Habit – Stephen Covey

My purpose is a constant search to find my voice and help other people find theirs.

Projects that I have led

Brillar DAO es una global online education platform with the aim of democratizing access to education para todos en todos lados.

Estamos desarrollando nuestra plataforma learn2earn para que nuestros alumnos puedan ganar criptomonedas por aprender.

A business and marketing consulting agency with a social approach.

We help our clients to enhance the reach and sales of their brand and turn their business model into a social model.

In Futbol de Impacto we organize 3-part soccer matches to end social exclusion in Barcelona and generate spaces for debate and engagement related to the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations.  

What I do?


My talks aim to help you reflect and connect with your voice, your purpose, so you can put your passion and talent at the service of the world.


In my workshops I facilitate learning spaces practical and dynamic to co-create as a team and promote collective intelligence.
I provide workshops of » 


Through the strategic consulting service I can give you personalized advice to boost your company. My specialties are »    

Articles and blogs

Marketing and Graphic Design

Organizations with which I have collaborated


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